• Boris Ryvkin

    Boris Ryvkin

    Policy analyst (FSU, Russia, Central Asia) - Brown (Economics/Political Science)/Cornell

  • Arjuna Soriano

    Arjuna Soriano

  • Alfie Shaw

    Alfie Shaw

    I tweet about #policy, #defence, and #cities.

  • William A. Darnell

    William A. Darnell

    Basketball. Cookies. Television. Rinse. Repeat.

  • Seth D. Myers

    Seth D. Myers

    American conceptual artist and arts educator. His work has exhibited at the Moscow MoMA and screened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome.

  • m0a1ex


  • Asim Haneef

    Asim Haneef

    Director of Global Development @Bamyanmedia (Formerly Journalist/Producer @BBC + @AJE) presently Developing a Reality TV Show on Social Entrepreneurs in Egypt.

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